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Don’t Delay Medical Care During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Delaying medical care during the COVID-19 pandemic is like the old phrase “cutting off your nose to spite your face.” Yes, we all understand there is a pandemic and many are frightened of being among people, especially sick people. The problem is you can exacerbate your own medical issues by avoiding care because you are worrying about what could happen. Get treated, and don’t delay medical care during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The Importance Of Screening And Early Detection

It may feel like we are losing control of many important things lately, but one thing we can be proactive about is our health and staying healthy. Cancer can sneak up on us when we are not paying attention, don’t know what to look for, or skip screenings. If you want to be in control, recognize the importance of screening and early detection.

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Why Seniors Should Lift Weights

If it makes you chuckle thinking of your grandmother “pumping iron,” hold that laugh. Lifting weights can be beneficial to anyone over the age of 65. There are benefits for both the body and the mind. Keep reading and no matter your age, you might become an advocate for why seniors should lift weights.


Why Getting A Flu Shot This Year Is So Important

In the year of COVID getting a flu shot is especially important. Millions of Americans suffer with flu symptoms every year, and thousands have died each year from the flu. Yes, that’s right, thousands. Only half the population normally gets a flu shot, but there are serious reasons why getting a flu shot this year is so important.

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The Connection Between Sleep Deprivation And Heart Disease

W.C. Fields once said, “The best cure for insomnia is getting a lot of sleep.” As humans, we spend one third of our lives sleeping, and a really good night’s sleep can have a positive impact on our entire day. What if the opposite is true? Can inadequate sleep cause negative effects especially on our heart? Let’s investigate the connection between sleep deprivation and heart disease.


Hyperthyroidism And Its Common Symptoms

Hyperthyroidism is an overactive thyroid gland, and its common symptoms can appear like several other conditions, so it’s easily overlooked or sometimes misdiagnosed. Keep reading so you can recognize hyperthyroidism and seek treatment.


Choking Hazards In Infants And Toddlers

Choking is the leading cause of injuries among young children and infants.  One child in the US dies from choking every five days, and 75% of deaths occur in children under three. Let’s look at common choking hazards in infants and toddlers and what parents can do to prevent it from happening.

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The Top 10 Reasons To Quit Smoking Right Now

Those who are non-smokers can recognize a smoker almost immediately. The smell of tobacco, the persistent cough, plus a certain lack of patience which shows up the minute they finish one cigarette. These are all “tells.” If this is you, friends and relatives have probably coaxed you to stop.  It’s not to shame or embarrass you, but just to provide the facts like the top 10 reasons to quit smoking right now. It’s not too late, and could save your life.


Just A Cold, Seasonal Allergies, Or COVID-19?

During this time of year it can be difficult to distinguish between having just a cold or seasonal allergies. With the fears of COVID-19, this dilemma becomes even more important, and can be quite frightening with the wrong information. Let’s unpack the symptoms of just a cold, seasonal allergies or COVID-19, and when to be concerned.

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Tips For Dealing With Social Distancing

Social distancing may be the term we have become familiar with, but to many it has come to mean isolation and loneliness.  Loneliness can breed fear, anxiety, and sadness. We hope the need for social distancing will end soon, but while we are living through it, many need some tips for dealing with social distancing.

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