Wound Care in Weirton, WV

The local leader in wound care

wound care

A new pair of shoes causes an open blister on your foot. For most, changing shoes and a bandage will solve the problem. But for the millions of Americans whose natural healing process is hampered by poor blood circulation, diabetes or other causes, a simple blister can result in a chronic open sore, serious infection, gangrene and even amputation.

Trust The Weirton Medical Wound Treatment Center, the local leader in wound care.

The Weirton Medical Wound Treatment Center

At Weirton Medical Center, you’ll find a team of top-notch doctors who treat all wounds, large and small. Our healing rate is among the highest in the country at 98%.

The Wound Treatment Center offers a unique, comprehensive therapy for treating chronic non-healing wounds in the Ohio Valley. Nearly five million Americans suffer with chronic open sores as a result of diabetes, pressure ulcers or circulatory problems. The Weirton Medical Wound Treatment Center provides comprehensive care that keeps patients with chronic non-healing wounds healthy and out of the hospital.

The Wound Treatment Center is open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 3 pm on level one of WMC. 

A physician's referral is not required by the Wound Treatment Center buy may be required through your insurance.  Patients are seen by appointment only.

For more information, call the WMC Wound Treatment Center at (304) 797-6614.