The WMC Auxiliary

When it comes to charity and giving, WMC honors its Auxiliary!

The Weirton Medical Center Auxiliary is a volunteer organization that functions as a valued member of the hospital team and the importance of volunteer services at WMC has been amplified due to the changing dynamics of the health care industry. Each volunteer is an asset to the hospital in providing necessary services to support staff, patients and visitors. WMC is thankful for its volunteers who donate their time, talents and abilities to support the hospital in serving the community. The Auxiliary volunteers have an increased knowledge of health care and promote public understanding of the hospital’s needs and services.

Auxiliary volunteers provide support in the following areas: gift shop, birth certificates, clergy, courtesy coffee cart, gift cart, information desk, magazine cart, radiology, mail, skilled care unit, special events and remembrance fund.

A Purpose to be Proud of

The WMC Auxiliary’s mission is to render service to WMC and its patients and assist WMC in promoting the health and welfare of the community in accordance with objectives established by the hospital.

The purpose of the Auxiliary is threefold:

  • To provide desirable services in a competent and dependable manner, and supplement essential services, which will meet the basic human needs of patients and their families;
  • To assist WMC through the development of new and extended volunteer services which will augment the efforts of staff providing comprehensive health care to the community;
  • To direct and implement a planned, organized program and activities, which will provide satisfaction or services and enrichment for volunteers.

To fulfill its purpose, the Auxiliary provides fundraising, in-hospital services and a variety of community programs designed to raise awareness of health education and the hospital’s services. Revenue derived from Auxiliary products and programs are presented to the hospital annually. The funds are used to provide a variety of improvements that support the hospital’s effective service to the community.

We Need Your Help!

It takes a special person to volunteer – one with a caring spirit, who puts the needs of their friends and neighbors above their own. Would you like to experience the satisfaction of caring for others? Call (304) 797-6113 to learn more about volunteering at WMC. *Must be a high school graduate age 19 or older.

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