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Navigating Flu Season: What You Should Know

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are changing, there is a chill in the air, kids are picking out their favorite costumes for Halloween, and we are getting ready for Thanksgiving. This time of year also should remind you to get a flu shot. It’s the time to protect not only yourself but your family and your community. There seems to be more questions this year. Navigating flu season: what you should know.

Category: Health

5 Myths About Breast Cancer Symptoms

Many organizations have increased awareness about breast cancer in the last several decades. All this is good, but sometimes old wives tales or myths pop up and they are repeated and spread on the internet. Let’s give you the facts and 5 myths about breast cancer symptoms.


Your Guide to Shoulder Arthritis Treatment

Arthritis can affect any joint, and the shoulder is a good example. Being active with an injured or arthritic shoulder is often hard for patients due to the pain and lack of mobility it causes. It hurts to move in any direction, up, down, or sideways. It becomes debilitating as it progresses usually after age 50. If you have this disease, keep reading for your guide to shoulder arthritis treatment.

Category: Orthopaedic

What Causes Varicose Veins in Legs?

Most adults know that those ugly protruding purple blue veins that show up on legs are called varicose veins. If you have them, you also know they can be uncomfortable and make your legs feel heavy. Maybe you hide them from view because you are embarrassed by them, but do you really know what causes varicose veins in legs?

Category: Veins

Dos And Don’ts Before Joint Replacement Surgery

Ben Franklin once shared the wise words, “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” This motivational quote refers to any number of things, and believe it or not, joint replacement surgery too. Let’s see how being well prepared and the dos and don’ts before joint replacement surgery apply as well.

Category: Orthopaedic, Surgery

Reasons You May Need An Endoscopy

An endoscopy allows your doctor to see inside your organs without having to make a large incision. It is a useful tool when you are suffering from symptoms which could indicate a number of conditions. Its goal is to investigate your symptoms, confirm a diagnosis, and then suggest a treatment plan for you. Here are some of the reasons you may need an endoscopy.

Category: Health, Surgery

Is Snoring A Sign Of Sleep Apnea?

Anyone who shares a bed or a room with a snorer knows how disruptive it is. You shake the bed, nudge them, and as a last resort, you might even throw your pillow at them. They keep you awake, and they may be causing themselves harm. Is snoring a sign of sleep apnea?

Category: Sleep

Mammogram FAQs You May Be Too Nervous to Ask

Many younger women having their first few mammograms are undoubtedly nervous. This is a new and somewhat scary test. Even women who are so-called “veterans” of mammogram screenings can find themselves with new questions or concerns. Don’t ever be afraid to ask questions of your doctor or the radiologist about an upcoming test. Here are a few answers to mammogram FAQs you may be too nervous to ask.

Category: Breast Care

Cervical Cancer: What All Women Should Know

Let’s begin by telling all women that cervical cancer or cancer of the cervix is almost the easiest cancer to detect and successfully treat. Unless you live in a desert, a place where there is limited or no healthcare, or you just refuse to go to the doctor, cervical cancer can be caught early, treated, and cured. Cervical cancer: what all women should know.

Category: Women's Health

Your Guide To Raising Healthy Active Kids

Have kids? If so, you know how our culture and the internet can interfere with parental guidance. They would much rather pay attention to “so-called” experts on Tiktok than listen to their parents. The good news is that you can counter almost everything the world puts in front of your kids. It takes patience and fortitude, but it can be done. To help you get started, here is your ew[   guide to raising healthy active kids.


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