What is Recovery Like After Vein Treatment?

Many people put off scheduling an appointment with a vein doctor simply because they think they don’t have time for it or don’t want to experience any downtime after a treatment. But working with an interventional radiologist means patients get the latest non-surgical vein treatments that require very little downtime.

What is a Minimally Invasive Vein Treatment?

Our vein doctors are trained in vascular and interventional radiology, meaning they specialize in minimally invasive techniques for treating varicose and spider veins. During vein treatment at The Vein Center at Weirton Medical, our patients do not need to undergo general anesthesia or sedation.

Before any treatment plan is recommended, we do a full evaluation so that we can find any underlying problems and diagnose chronic venous insufficiency, instead of treating just the surface level veins. The ultrasound evaluation and ultrasound-guided treatment allow our vein doctors to more accurately diagnose and treat the vein right where the problem is. The treatment is performed right in our office in Weirton, WV.

Sclerotherapy Spider Vein Treatment

During sclerotherapy, an effective treatment for spider veins, a solution is injected into the affected vein. Once that is done, the vein shrinks and closes, and blood reroutes through healthier veins. Patients can feel a burning or cramping feeling for a few minutes where the shot is given.

Outpatient Varicose Vein Treatment

For varicose vein treatment, including radiofrequency ablation, we use ultrasound guidance to insert a small catheter into the affected vein. The catheter will heat up to close the vein, and as the patient’s leg heals, the vein will dissolve over time. It’s much less traumatic on the leg compared to surgical vein stripping and can be much more effective. The earlier a patient seeks treatment for vein disease, the more easily the diseased veins can be treated, and pain and other symptoms can be avoided.

Recovery After Vein Treatment 

Patients often notice a change in symptoms caused by vein disease right away. When the treatment is complete, patients are able to drive themselves home and immediately resume normal activities. It is even recommended that patients walk around the day of and the days following their vein treatment. After most treatments, that patient will wear compression stockings for about a week for the best results.

Limitations after vein treatment can include:

  • Not lifting anything heavy, doing strenuous exercise, or taking a bath, for about a week after ablation vein treatments.
  • Avoiding sun exposure for a couple of weeks after sclerotherapy treatment.

By opting for minimally invasive vein treatment, patients can avoid a stay in the hospital, a more traumatic and invasive treatment, and a longer recovery period. Schedule your initial vein consultation at The Vein Center at Weirton Medical to see the top vein doctors in the Weirton, WV area.

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