How Can Breast Reduction Surgery Improve Your Lifestyle?

Why does it seem that the grass always greener? Petite women often wish they were taller, and many women with small breasts wish they had larger ones. However, in reality you don’t really want the latter, as it can be a problem. Yes, having an ample bosom can be a problem.

You may get noticed, but many large breasted women would rather not get attention for that reason. More importantly, they would rather not have the discomfort that accompanies large breasts.

If you have been thinking about breast reduction surgery in Weirton, West Virginia, keep reading to find out how it could improve your lifestyle.

What Is Breast Reduction Surgery Breast Reduction Consultation

The medical term for surgery to reduce large breasts is known as Mammoplasty. Its purpose is to reduce the size and weight of large heavy breasts, and it is becoming one of the most common cosmetic procedures in the US. The procedure removes excess breast fat, glandular tissue, and skin. In addition, it will eliminate sagging and improve breast symmetry.

Common Issues With Large Breasts

Although one woman might feel blessed to have large breasts, it can be another woman’s curse.

Breasts that are too large for a woman’s frame can cause back, neck and shoulder pain. In turn, this can lead to slouched shoulders and poor posture due to the strain, and can ultimately create long term health problems.

Large breasts make it difficult to perform simple activities like bending down to pick up a dropped object, engaging in exercise, and even sleeping comfortably.

Living with large breasts can restrict the ability to lead an active and happy life.

Lifestyle Improvements After Breast Reduction Surgery

Once a woman’s breasts are proportionate to her frame, physical and emotional issues are improved. In fact, surveys tell us that after breast reduction surgery, 98% of women give the procedure a ‘worth it’ rating, which is one of the highest satisfaction levels of any procedure.

Increased Physical Activity

Once the breasts are lighter and smaller, the strain on the neck, back and shoulders is relieved thereby reducing pain. Back muscles will be less stressed, and even the pressure from bra straps on the shoulders is significantly improved or eliminated completely.

After the surgery, women will find they can increase their activity. Walking, running, and other types of exercise will be easier to do both physically and emotionally. No longer will there be any embarrassment participating in these activities making it easier to get into shape and lose weight.

Posture will improve without the added weight, and in general the whole upper body will feel lighter and more comfortable.

As an added bonus, quality of sleep may improve.

Improved Self Esteem And Confidence

Simple pleasures like finding clothes that fit and wearing a bra size that is more accessible will make a woman feel better about herself. She will be able to purchase bathing suits that fit her frame, blouses that will close without gaps, and in some cases look younger.

A new proportioned silhouette may give a woman more confidence to engage in more social events. In addition, breasts will be lifted and more firm adding to self confidence and a new feeling of self worth.

She may even find that people are looking her in the eyes.

If you are wondering if breast reduction surgery is right for you, contact the BreastCare Center here in Weirton for a consultation.

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